Avenue for the Arts

The Avenue for the Arts is a neighborhood title for the South Division commercial corridor.  Members include residential, commercial and nonprofit groups and individuals working together in a creative community.  We are residents in Heartside, and active participants in shaping change in our neighborhood.  In 2005, we choose the Avenue for the Arts as a title to represent our commercial corridor and the projects and events that we create. Find out more about us on our website.

Avenue for the Arts Membership is an exciting new opportunity to take advantage of the many resources and services the Avenue for the Arts has to offer creative makers, doers, and lovers.  To become a member or learn more about the perks of being one, please click "Join Us". 

Avenue for the Arts is supported by Dwelling Place. Dwelling Place improves the lives of people by creating quality affordable housing, providing essential support services and serving as a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization. 

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